At EcoAir Airconditioning, we can provide a thorough, complete clean and sanitisation of the evaporator coil, casing and louvers, drain/drain tray and scroll fan. Before and after cleaning we will test and record the airflow readings and temperature.. Give us a call today!

When it comes to cleaning your airconditioner, whether it is a wall mounted airconditioner or a commercial unit, we can get the job done. Noisy airconditioners indicate that something is wrong. Air-conditioners are an ideal breeding environment for fungus, mould and bacteria which may cause bad odours or smell mouldy. And a perfect collection point for airborne pollutants which can cause serious health problems such as allergies, cold & flu-like symptoms, asthma and more.

Gelair produces natural tea tree oil based products that fight mould and bacteria. Even if you get your airconditioner units regularly cleaned, it is also helpful to use products that may prevent the growth of mould and mildew in the first place. Gelair products are 100 per cent natural and made with Australian tea tree oil. Contact us now to get your product delivered or for a quote!