Gelair sanitisers in Darwin


EcoAir Airconditioning offers a stellar airconditioner cleaning and sanitising service throughout Darwin and surrounding areas. Our expert professionals have spent many years cleaning window, split system and commercial airconditioner units—removing mould, mildew and other harmful particles to ensure better operation and safe, breathable air.
Aside from getting your airconditioner units regularly cleaned, it is also helpful to use products that may prevent the growth of mould and mildew in the first place. Gelair produces natural tea tree oil based products that fight mould and bacteria.
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Gelair Tea Tree Oil Products


Gelair has affordable and natural solutions to the problem of mould, mildew and bacteria inside ducts and airconditioner units. The company uses tea tree oil in all its products, as it has antifungal and antimicrobial qualities, which ensure that such organisms cannot thrive in your airconditoning units or wall mounted systems.

These products are an easy way to improve indoor air quality, deal with any potential allergens and ensure that everyone at your home or business is healthier.

Gelair Partner


EcoAir Airconditioning is a proud partner of Gelair natural tea tree oil airconditioner products. We can supply the full line of Gelair items, including airconditioning blocks, Health-e SPLIT, Health-e Evap, Gelair Tub, all-purpose steriliser and cleaner, coil and duct cleaner and more.

We can use (if required) certain Gelair items during our cleaning and sanitising jobs, while we can help set up other solutions within your airconditioning unit or wall mounted systems as a permanent solution against mould and bacteria growth. The Gelair airconditioning blocks are the most popular product, as they provide a controlled and steady release of pure tea tree oil vapour into the area where an air conditioning system is most susceptible to develop mould, bacteria and other irritants.

Unlike other solutions on the market, Gelair products are 100 per cent natural and manufactured with Australian ingredients. There is no risk of anyone at your home or business suffering because of the ingredients in these items. Everything is made with pure Australian tea tree oil. EcoAir Airconditioning is happy to deliver Gelair products on request. Please call for more details and prices.