Cleaner air conditioning systems in Darwin


A dirty airconditioning unit is one that you can notice from the moment you turn it on. You can discern the distinct smell of polluted air that is flowing from the unit into your living space. Whether you have a wall mounted split system, commercial unit, or you are dealing with dirty box airconditioner units, EcoAir Airconditioning is up to the task of cleaning and sanitising the unit.
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Cleaning Dirty Airconditioning Units


Cleaning an airconditioner unit is a straight forward job for our professionals, which takes approximately an hour in most instances. We arrive with the proper materials and equipment, allowing us to assess your unit and begin cleaning immediately if required. We use safe and natural products throughout the process. A professional would be happy to talk you through the process before getting to work.

Most of our work involves wall mounted airconditoner systems. However, we can work on your commercial airconditioner system as well. The process may take a little longer, but we are always eager to satisfy our customers.

Benefits of A/C Cleaning


When you have your airconditoner cleaned, it will operate at higher efficiency. Think of your A/C unit as any machine with a fan. When fans blow, air is blowing in and out of the area. It means that dust will collect in that part of the unit, especially if it is not cleaned regularly.

The more dust is present within your A/C unit, the more likely it is going to disrupt air flow. If you find that your unit is not cooling to previous levels, it is probably due to the excessive amount of contamination that is present.

Another issue with dirty airconditioning units is the presence of mould, mildew or other bacteria. EcoAir Airconditioning can help you resolve the problem with thorough sanitising of your unit. We use the hospital grade disinfectant to clean and disinfect airconditioner units along with other natural products such as Gelair eliminating any mould or bacteria that may be present. Call our team for an airconditioner cleaning consultation today.