EcoAir Airconditioning is a family-owned business that offers air conditioner cleaning and sanitising services throughout the Darwin area. We service areas that include Palmerston, Batchelor, Humptydoo and more.
While our primary work involves cleaning split system and wall mounted airconditioning units at homes and apartments in the area, we also deal with many commercial and industrial clients.
Aircon Sanitising — Airconditioner Cleaners in Winnellie, NT

Family-Run, Locally Owned Business


At EcoAir Airconditioning, we are proud of being a family-run and locally owned business. Community means everything to the people at EcoAir, which is why we treat every customer as though they are a part of our family. When we come into your home, apartment or business, we take care of your airconditioning units as if they were our own.
EcoAir has been running since 2013, offering expert cleaning and sanitising services using safe materials and the latest methods. Our team has a combined total of more than 15 years of experience in the air conditioner cleaning industry. Ken manages the business, while Steve also plays a prominent role. Whether you have a leaking air conditioner, smelly airconditioner or a dirty split system that needs attention, we can send professionals to your location to take care of the problem. Most units take approximately 1 hour to clean, while larger units may take longer to clean.

Keep Everyone Safe


There are several issues with dirty airconditioners. The first problem is inefficiency. When a unit is full of dust and particals, the airflow will be severly restricted, reducing it's efficiency and it will take longer to cool down a room. Our cleaning ensures that your unit will be back to its best in no time. We also sanitise air conditioner units to deal with the growth of mould, mildew and other contaminants. Are you noticing that family members are getting sick during certain seasons? Does it coincide with the time you started turning the airconditioner on in your bedroom or living room?

There may be mould or bacteria that is inside your unit and being blown into the room every time the unit is run. People assume that A/C units can self-clean the air they push out, but it is not the case when the entire unit is dirty and full of contaminants.
EcoAir Airconditioning is your local Darwin aircon cleaning business that will:
  • Clean your airconditioning units, ensuring they run at maximum efficiency.
  • Ensure that all mould, mildew & bacteria are removed from the airconditioner unit.
  • Can install GelAir natural tea tree oil products to fight mould & bacteria growth.
  • Ensure everyone at your home or business is breathing safe & healthy air.