Split system airconditioner cleaning in Darwin


Split system airconditioners are the most popular types in many Australian homes and businesses. These airconditioner units are quiet, sleek, easy to install and able to cool large living spaces efficiently. However, they have a propensity to get very dirty and contaminated without a regular and thorough cleaning.
Split Aircon Cleaning — Airconditioner Cleaners in Winnellie, NT
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Split Systems With Bad Odours


One of the first signs of a split system airconditioner that is not thoroughly clean is the presence of a bad odour every time it turns on. If you are noticing a dirty or otherwise off smell each time you turn on your split system, you may want to call the experts at EcoAir Airconditioning to book a free inspection or appointment.

Our cleaners come to your home or business with the necessary equipment and supplies. We use safe cleaning agents and the latest methods to thoroughly clean and sanitise your split system airconditioning unit. Whether you were experiencing bad odours, allergies, a loss of power from the unit or leaking, we can take care of the problem.

Save Money & Stay Healthy


EcoAir Airconditioning cleaning and sanitising services offer two significant benefits. When your airconditioner unit is clean and sanitised, it saves you money and keeps everyone in the living space healthy. Our services save you money because they ensure your unit is running efficiently again. Running your airconditioner less to achieve the same temperature will save you money each month.

EcoAir sanitising services remove mould, mildew, bacteria and other irritants from your airconditioner units. Whether it is mould due to excessive water leakage or moisture, bacteria and irritants from dust and dirt or other materials, we thoroughly sanitise all units. The result is an airconditioning unit that blows clean and healthy air. No more allergies, breathing problems or health issues due to an unclean and potentially harmful airconditoning unit.