Air conditioner cleaners in Darwin


EcoAir Airconditioning makes it easy to run airconditioning units in your home or business without worrying about dirt, bacteria, mould or mildew. We offer affordable and speedy airconditioner cleaning and sanitising services throughout the Darwin area.
We are based in Darwin and work in all Rural areas including Bachelor, Palmerston, Humptydoo and more. Operating in the area for many years, our team has a combined experience of 15 years. We understand the processes involved in completely removing slime, mould, dirt, mildew, drain blockages, contaminants and dust from aircon units.

Split System & Aircon Cleaning


Whether you use a split system, wall mounted air conditioner or a RAC (box air conditioner), our team can handle the cleaning and sanitising process. We use safe, high-quality and reliable products on every job, as we would never use chemicals that could cause harm to the people living on your property.

We remove mould, mildew and other contaminants from air conditioner units while ensuring that your Airconditioners run at a higher efficiency afterwards. When the dirt, dust and mould contamination build up on the air conditioner fan, the airflow is significantly reduced to a stage where there is not enough cold air coming out to cool the room.
As a result, people attempt to rectify this by speeding up the fan and lowering the temperature which eventually makes the problem worse and chewing up heaps more power than a clean air conditioner would.

We are your experienced Darwin air conditioner cleaners, providing a stellar, reasonably priced and necessary service. While we recommend having your air conditioners cleaned annually. We also offer free no obligation inspections to determine how many actually require cleaning.

Split Systems — Airconditioner Cleaners in Winnellie, NT
Split system air conditioners are among the most efficient options to cool single rooms in homes and businesses. Our crew has the experience to identify leaks, mould, dirt and other particle build-up in these units. We use safe materials and thoroughly sanitise the units.
Air Conditioning — Airconditioner Cleaners in Winnellie, NT
Whether you run wall mounted airconditioning units or ceiling mounted airconditioner systems at your home or business, EcoAir Airconditioning can clean and sanitise your air conditioners. We offer reasonable rates and complete most wall mounted A/C cleaning jobs in the Darwin area in approximetely 1 hour.
Gelair — Airconditioner Cleaners in Winnellie, NT
EcoAir Airconditioning is a proud partner with Gelair, a company that manufactures and sells natural tea tree oil products to fight mould and bacteria growth in airconditioner units. Gelair products are useful for cleaning airconditoner units, while they can also prevent mould and mildew from growing in such an environment.